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Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in participating in our research studies, please email your name, address and telephone number to candrive@candrive.ca or call 1-866-233-1133.

Interested in becoming a Member of Candrive?

If you are a researcher and wish to collaborate with Candrive, or are involved/interested in activities related to the aim of Candrive, please read on for membership information and how to join.


Candrive - Structure and Membership

Candrive is an interdisciplinary health-related research network funded by a Team grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research ( Institute of Aging ). In Canada , from a public safety and health perspective, there is great interest regarding the issue of driving safety of persons with medical and functional conditions that may impact on their driving ability. The strength of any research network is as strong as its membership base.

The aim of the Candrive research program is to identify and address the health-related aspects of ensuring the safety of persons with medical and functional conditions that may impact on their ability to drive. With these conditions becoming more prevalent as one ages, the Candrive program will primarily focus on older age groups.

Candrive wishes to be an inclusive research network that has various levels of membership. Thus, an important objective of Candrive is to bring together a network of researchers from across Canada to address the issue of driving and older drivers.

The different levels of membership provide benefits based on involvement and contributions to the Candrive research program.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management and reporting function of the Candrive research program. The Executive Committee is comprised of the members of Candrive who obtained the CIHR Grant. The ultimate reporting responsibility and accountability of this research program to CIHR rests with the Executive Committee.

Full Members

Full members include clinicians/researchers/administrators/policy makers who are collaborating within Candrive on driving research studies that are directly pertinent to the aim of the Candrive research program. (see above for statement of the aim of Candrive). Candrive also has developed a set of specific research goals/priorities. If interested in reviewing this list, please contact Candrive (see contact information below).

Investigators, institutional partners and students who receive Candrive financial support are automatically full members for the period of their support.

Associate Members

Associate members are involved/interested in activities related to the aim of Candrive, but are not directly involved in its research program.

How do I become a full or an associate member?

Potential full and associate members are asked to complete an application form (PDF) . Candrive also requests that prospective members forward their curriculum vitae.

What are the benefits of full membership?


  • Full members can request assistance from the Candrive program manager and research assistant/associate(s) on projects directly pertinent to the aim of Candrive. This may include access to the continually updated Candrive database of driving articles, assistance in conducting literature searches, organization of conference calls and theme groups, and linkages to other researchers or funding sources.
  • Full members may apply for seed funding for pilot projects directly pertinent to the aim of Candrive.
  • Full members are eligible to apply for funds to assist with travel expenses to Candrive meetings.
  • Members will receive the Candrive newsletter, periodic regular updates on the activities of Candrive, newly published driving articles, calls for collaborators on new driving research projects, news regarding upcoming driving research conferences and funding opportunities for driving research.
  • Participation in an organized network of professionals interested in driving research.
  • The ability to list membership on grant applications etc.
  • Students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and postdoctoral fellows who are supervised by full members can apply for Candrive salary support awards/bursaries.
Associate Member benefits
  • Associate members will have access to the website based information and will be provided with limited use (according to availability) of the Candrive program managers's time for projects that directly contribute to the goals of Candrive.
  • If an associate member becomes involved in research that directly pertains to the goals of Candrive, they will be invited to become a full member of Candrive.
  • Associates will be invited to annual meetings but their travel may not be subsidized.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

  • Participation in the activities of the Candrive research program.
  • Continuing efforts to collaborate with one or more Candrive members on projects of importance to the aim of Candrive.
  • For work supported by the Candrive program, acknowledgement of the contribution of the Candrive program in publications and presentations directly resulting from this work. Sample acknowledgement statement; Acknowledgment: This work was supported by the Candrive research program, a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR, Institute of Aging) funded New Emerging Team.
  • Agreement to list their name as a member on all Candrive communications materials including CIHR progress reports and the Candrdive website.
  • Provide periodic updates of Candrive related activity including presentations, publications, posters etc.

Approval of Membership

Full and associate membership in Candrive is attained following the approval of the Candrive executive committee. Membership will be reviewed on an annual basis based on continued active participation/collaboration in the Candrive research program.

Please mail or fax completed application form (PDF)to:

Lynn MacLeay, BScN, MBA
Candrive Clinical Program Manager
Ottawa Health Research Institute
505 Smyth Road, 2nd Floor
The Rehabilitation Centre
Ottawa, Ontario  K1H 8M2
Fax: 613-737-8264




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