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If you are interested in participating in any of these current projects and/or would like further information please call:    1-866- 233-1133



Current Projects

Candrive Cohort Study 
Shawn Marshall and Malcolm Man-Son-Hing

This project will allow for the comprehensive, longitudinal study of older drivers and key factors that impact their driving safety.

Development of an evidenced-based driving decision rule for identifying older drivers at increased risk for at-fault crashes
Co-leaders: Shawn Marshall and Malcolm Man-Son-Hing

This project will develop an evidenced-based tool for health care professionals that will help identify drivers who are at increased risk for at-fault motor vehicle collisions.

Driving Patterns of Older Canadians
Michelle Porter

The goal of this project is to examine driving patterns in a large sample of older drivers from different locations across Canada using Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking. Factors such as obeying traffic signs and the effect of climate conditions on driving are examples of elements that will be studied.

Influence of Psychosocial Factors on Driver Decision-making and Behaviour
Holly Tuokko and Anita Myers

The goal of this project is to examine the influence and interaction of factors such as perceptions of driving abilities, confidence, beliefs, attitudes and motivations on driving-related decisions including intentions to restrict or stop driving.

Advancements in Automotive Design: Development of a Vehicle Design Rating System (VDRS) that links older drivers' abilities and automotive features
Janice Millar-Polgar, Brenda Vrkljan

The goal is to determine key features of the automobile that impact older driver safety and to develop a vehicle design rating system that identifies vehicle features which meet the needs of older drivers.

Assessing the relevance of the simulator as a screening tool for at-risk older drivers.
Michel Bédard, Sylvain Gagnon

The main goal of this project is to further validate the use of driving simulator assessments.

Driver Improvement
Nicol Korner-Bitensky (NKB)

The objectives are: 1) To explore the perspectives of older drivers regarding driving safety and training programs; and 2) To implement the StaySHARP Pilot driver refresher program.

Contact: mhing@ohri.ca    smarshall@ottawahospital.on.ca

2009 Projects

Title: The CIHR Team in Driving in Older Persons (Candrive II) Research Program 
Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Principal Investigators: Malcolm Man-Son-Hing, Shawn Marshall

This grant involves a synergy of 7 projects involving 7 sites (Victoria, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal) and 4 provinces where 1000 older drivers age 70 or older will be recruited and will undergo comprehensive annual assessment. Drivers will be followed for 5 years. One of the primary outcome measures will be at-fault collision which will be used to develop a tool to assist health care clinicians with assessing fitness to drive. Click here for more information.

2008 Projects

Does Inability to Drive After Stroke Affect Community Integration. Hillel Finestone, Shawn Marshall, Richard Blair. Summary

2007 Projects

Collaborations for Health Initiative - McMaster University - Promoting Driving Safety across the Lifespan

For information on these two projects, contact Brenda Vrkljan at vrkljan@mcmaster.ca



A study of the impact of psychotropic drugs on motor vehicle collisions among drivers with dementia

A pilot study of cholinesterase inhibitors on simulated driving in healthy older adults

A study of the risk of motor vehicle collisions associated with antidepressant prescriptions in older adults

For information on these projects, contact Dr. Mark Rapoport at Mark.Rapoport@sunnybrook.ca


Exercise for Mobility and Function in Older Women with Mobility Impairments 

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Institute of Aging

“Quantifying mobility in older adults: a mixed modality approach” Co-investigators M. Bédard (Lakehead U), A. Myers (U Waterloo), H. Tuokko

“The effect of auditory alerts on road safety” Co-investigators: Pourang Irani (Computer Science) and Todd Mondor (Psychology)

“An evaluation of the 55 Alive Driving Program with an added road test video feedback component” Manitoba Health Research Council

For more information on these projects, contact Dr. Michelle Porter at portermm@cc.umanitoba.ca

Past Projects:

The Older and Wiser Driver: A Self-Assessment Program. Prepared by P. McGee, Ed.D. & H. Tuokko, PhD. Centre on Aging, University of Victoria, (.PPT, 1MB)

Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation (COTF): Critical Appraisal of Literature: Best Practices in Driver Assessment for Persons with Disabilities: A Critical Review of the Literature




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